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I was wondering yesterday about the style, meaning and the right to moments of silence in our blog. The comments made by Alauddin and Malik made a clearer path for me through the… Read More

Must See Mondays at Cronkite


Being a tribesman, who hails from the remote Khyber tribal agency of Pakistan and who is not supposed to ‘leave his station empty’ even on weekends, while discharging his professional responsibilities from the… Read More

Tales of “our soldiers” and “their dictators”


Meet P. Sainath! If I were ever given a chance to become somebody else, I would surely want to become this outstanding 53-year old South Asian journalist. Having clinched over 35 national and… Read More

Management and it’s difficulties


I recently took on the role as General Manager for State Press Television- a part of Student Media at ASU. With it came the challenges of management, some of which I did not… Read More

Rebirth or fade out of journalism? by Aleksandra Dukovska


Collect, check and organize your information. That was the sincere message given to us by the former CNN anchor Aaron Brown. Those are the simple rules we should follow to tell great journalism… Read More

Narrowly, Well-Informed


“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson Leonard Downie Jr. said that contemporary society… Read More

On World Humanitarian Day : Caritas calls for more investment to help people prepare for disasters.


From Celebrated on 19 August, World Humanitarian Day is when the humanitarian community renews its commitment to helping vulnerable and suffering people all over the world. It is also a day on… Read More

How much are you willing to sacrifice?


I truly enjoyed listening to Leonard Downie Jr. today as he shared with us about his life-long career in the Washington Post. He is clearly passionate about journalism and very inspiring to someone… Read More

Learning More About Our Cultures and Becoming a Global Leader


On 29th of August I participated in a great event with some of other Humphrey Fellows: The Dance Performance by “Yellow Bird Productions”.  Yellow Bird Productions,  a family company, has been performing their authentic… Read More

The Freedom of Silence in Blogging?


I am digesting and redigesting all that has been said and seen in our little HHH community during this past month. And I wanted so badly to post anything on Friday till midnight… Read More

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