Is the fear reasonable? by Aleksandra Dukovska

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The “Capital Conversation” event with US Congressman John Shaddegg is my choice to wrap up this working week. The reason for is because he answered sincerely to the question on SB 1070. In fact, the immigration law is a controversial issue and it has warmed the political stage in the USA much more than August sun in Arizona.

Having visceral thinking, I did not expect to hear from a Republican Congressman that the SB 1070 is the sign of frustration and that the America economy needs the labor force coming from Mexico and other countries. According to him, the fear of American citizens, who live in the border region with Mexico, is reasonable. I latched myself with SB 1070 for the fall semester and, therefore, any information is more than valuable and welcome.

Meeting Congressman Shaddegg sharpened my knowledge of the immigration issue.  Even though he will not run for this year midterm election, he was eager to comment on President Obama’s health reform and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker for the United States House of Representatives, as well.