ICG: Inadequate response makes population vulnerable to jihadi propaganda by Aleksandra Dukovska

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International Crisis Group suggested Pakistani government and other international factors for more adequate response to the floods crisis in the country. “Inadequate response has angered and alienated hundreds of thousands of returnees making them vulnerable to jihadi propaganda and recruitment”, ICG wrote in the newest report for Pakistan. According to the Pakistan: The worsening IDP Crisis report: “International assistance has begun to pour in but on a scale that is still far too modest to meet the enormous needs of urgent relief”.

To respond properly and to meet the need of population has been affected by the floods is an enormous test for the Pakistan’s civilian administrative and humanitarian apparatus. The floods and the damage on the infrastructure have affected around 20 million people. The huge number of homes, schools, hospitals, agriculture, factories and communication infrastructure are devastated.

ICG suggest that civilian organization, credible NGO’s, provincial and national parliament should have crucial role in the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction of affected areas. They appeal to Pakistani government for good reconstruction policy, transparency for contracts and large projects and help based on vulnerability of the population rather than on location. ICG is asking from the international community to help build civilian disaster management, ensure relief based on local needs, address urgent needs have affected population and areas.

The ICG report was released several days after Al-Qaeda second in command Al-Zawahiri addressed Pakistani floods problems. In his message, he accused the Pakistani government for corruption and said people can’t speak out against it.