Monthly Archive: September, 2010

Pakistan flood and Present situatoin.


Can I ask the World that what is reason behind not increasing their helpful hands towords natural disastered people of the mu country Pakistan while this is the country that has always proved… Read More

Knotted Values


You surely know how the simplest thing can unexpectedly become the toughest one.  And you realize that it may be just the peak of an iceberg lying somewhere deep in us, poisoning our legitimate… Read More

The Women of Pakistan


I recently saw the video about women pilots in Pakistan army. It was good story with excellent points. Society is changing and the women are becoming equal with men. In fact, I can… Read More

Interview with the director of Caritas Pakistan


Anila J.Gill, Caritas Pakistan director, spoke to Kamran Chaudhry about the recent challenges in dealing with country’s most catastrophic floods which has affected more than 20 million people. How serious is the humanitarian… Read More

Caritas urges UN development summit to seek justice for poor


Caritas is urging a special UN anti-poverty meeting to put justice for the poor at the heart of its development plans. You all know that World leaders attended a summit at the UN… Read More

Teamwork in the Digital Age


I found the presentation on Monday very interesting and informative but noticed it left out how to manage teamwork when so much collaboration and communication is going on over e-mail, twitter, facebook and… Read More

When you assume, you make an a..


I just realized today how assumptions can ruin our lives. In the first couple of days, I assumed (of course you don’t require any logic, reason or permission to assume. You assume simply… Read More

Mongolian Prime Minister in New York


The General Assembly of the UN is taking place in New York, USA. “There is no global project more worthwhile,” Mr. Ban told the nearly 140 Heads of State and Government taking part… Read More

Everyone’s a victim of assuming


The biggest thought that crossed my mind today during our discussion of maintaining a productive and functioning team was that communication definitely plays a great role. Within that, assumptions about a person’s intent… Read More

Media to blame for Kashmir’s deadly protest?


After a recent incident in Kashmir resulting in several deaths and the burning of a Christian school, an article posted on TIME has brought up the question of how the false media stir-up… Read More

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