Monthly Archive: October, 2010

Washington,DC Trip


I think that not only me but every Humphrey Fellow have same feelings that I do have .It was really exciting and more informative trip .(Global Leadership Forum),the people of 93 countries were… Read More

Rally for Sanity


From the reviews, the main target the Rally for Sanity went after was partisan media. Video clips of Glen Beck and extremist talking heads on both sides of the aisle was the main… Read More

DC Rally for Sanity


Being today in Washington DC is a blessing for a journalist: the rally at noon between Capitol and the big Needle, organized by the top Comedy Central duo Stuart/Colbert, and covered by each and every TV station… Read More

When photos don’t tell the truth.


Photos are just another way of telling stories, and therefore, together with all other mediums is subject to the perspective and interpretation of the storyteller. I believe it is totally unethical to remove… Read More

Future Imperfect


By Malik Siraj Akbar The panel discussion on ” The Media and the 2010 Midterm Elections” during the Global Leadership Forum was a grim reminder how both the media and polity are falling… Read More

Clinton Champions International Exchange Programs


By Malik Siraj Akbar WASHINGTON DC: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while addressing the 2010-11 batch of Hubert Humphrey Fellows at a reception held on Monday evening said that people-to-people connections were… Read More

Fellows From 93 Countries Gather at GLF-2010 in Washington


By Malik Siraj Akbar WASHINGTON DC: The Global Leadership Forum (GLF-2010), which is an essential component of the State Department-sponsored Hubert Humphrey Fellowship, was an implicit demonstration of increasing relationship between the United… Read More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton address to Hubert Humphrey Fellows 2010/2011


Secreatary of State Hillary Clinton and Alan Goodman President and CEO of IIE Secretary of State Hillary Clinton address Hubert Humphrey Fellows Clinton: “We do expect great things when you return home” by… Read More

Exploring the US Constitution


The Diane Rehm Show, a news/entertainment program on National Public Radio, is doing a special series about the United States Constitution. The first installment was about the separation of powers between the Executive,… Read More

Terrorism& Responses


By Malik Siraj Akbar It was interesting to see the defensive reaction of some Pakistani (read Muslim) journalists in response to  Dr. Arie Kruglanski’s presentation on “terrorism and the response to terrorism” today… Read More

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