Monthly Archive: November, 2010

David Whyte’s Pilgrimage for Identity


CROSSING THE UNKNOWN SEA, Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity – great book about leadership, the meaning of work in life and the meaning of our life in our work. If you ever… Read More

Building on strengths


In The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker set out to define the core practices of powerful leaders within organizations. The book, which was first published in 1966, has since become a canon among leadership novels. One of the central tenets of his work was that executives emphasize strengths rather than weaknesses. I found it to be the most salient point in the entire work.

We could be the Goodwill donors


With an address of a famous mysterious club, 36th ST. at Thomas, I found famous Good Will. The shop has unique business model that accepting donation from citizens and sell them with cheap… Read More

Shopping with ordinary Americans


I like Black Friday. It is the opportunity to shop cheep stuff. Three days before I argued with Khandaa whether 12:01 AM is midnight or noon. Then I noticed that I have to… Read More

In Search Of Excelllence


Aleksandra Dukovska In the book In Search of Excellence, two authors, Thomas J.Peters and Robert H. Waterman, compare the way Japanese companies function with some of the most prominent American companies. Their study… Read More

Sharing joy


Aleksandra Dukovska It was the first time for me to spend Thanksgiving holiday with one American host family. According to the National Geography article, “the birth of the modern holiday was in 1621,… Read More

Newspaper extinction timeline


Hey, guys I found a very interesting material about newspapers EXTINCTION Timeline, written by Ross Dawson, globally recognized as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and bestselling author. According to him,… Read More

Local content to the digital world


Consumers want more local content about their neighborhoods, Hilary Schneider, an executive vice president of America Region, Yahoo said tonight at the Must See Mondays at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass… Read More

Twitter looking to friend with Facebook.


It was news in mostly all Global countries international newspapers that Twitter has been looking for friendship with face book. The face book success not only have put into trouble this twitter but… Read More

Five words lead to one year forced labor


Friday morning we talked about one Chinese lady story in David and Sam. She used twitter and response her Fiance’s twitter – “Let’s go for it” – Police arrested and the court sentenced… Read More

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