Geopolitical journey

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Aleksandra Dukovska

I do occasionally read the web page of STRATFOR founded by the George Friedman. The company established in 1996, now is a leader in the field of global intelligence.

One of the articles that attract my attention is that about geopolitical journey, which the first in a series of special reports is. “The geopolitical is about the intersection of geography and politics. It assumes that the political life of humans is shaped by the place in which they live and that the political patterns are frequently recurring because of the persistence of nations and the permanence of geography”, wrote Friedman.

I really like how he is explaining that when he travel to a place and when he look at the geography and speak to the people, he found that there is a constant recurrence of history.  One part of the geopolitical travel is something that we should appreciate more.

That is walking the street of a city and looking for a real life and culture. Going to the museums and monuments, wrote Friedman, is not going to give you great deal. He advises as not to go where the wealthy live, who are the “least interesting and the most globally homogenized”. His advice is to search for the poor and middle class.

“If a Montblanc store is next to a Gucci shop, you are in the wrong place”, wrote Friedman. I am thinking on this while I try to see and absorb as much as possible of Phoenix downtown. Therefore, I am looking for banks to see what the business climate in the city is, I like meeting people on the street and speaking with them. As one new friend said to me “if you know what you are looking for, you will find in Phoenix”.

Moreover, I can compare the culture, the politics, the business and the life. Can you share your experience?