Monthly Archive: December, 2010

Wikileaks Intern Tell-All


Self described: “After pursuing the members of WikiLeaks, I was asked to intern for them on the weekend of the unveiling of the Iraq War Logs in October. I found myself in a… Read More

TIME questioned for cover story of Sarah Palin


A cover story featuring Sarah Palin has been blasted because the interview was conducted over e-mail. Critics accuse that there is no way to ascertain that Palin herself actually answered the questions. In… Read More

Blue Ocean Strategy


W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne’s work, Blue Ocean Strategy, differentiates blue ocean strategy from red ocean strategy to argue the merit and superiority of the blue ocean strategy. Red oceans are defined… Read More

Internet censorship in China


Jingjing and Chacha are the two words that combined form the word police in chinese and they are also the names of the cartoon characters that are used by the Chinese authorities throughout… Read More

Ethical and Management Case: Comcast & NBCU Merger


Aleksandra Dukovska, Chinkhand Dorj, Melissa Silva, Javed Afridi For almost one year public opinion in America is divided over the case of Comcast and NBCU deal for a joint business venture and what… Read More

Media Presentation Macedonia


Aleksandra Dukovska Media Presentation Macedonia

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