Monthly Archive: March, 2011

Important compas


Aleksandra Dukovska The time is for ethical questions. Ethics and ethical decision is important compass in journalists work. By enforcing ethical decision news organization promotes credibility in the public. Journalists face different ethical… Read More



I have just found in an old draft this first official photo of us Humphrey Fellows at ASU together. Who knows why it’s been waiting there… Maybe just to refresh our memory about… Read More

Blake in TOMS Shoes


  In my last post I promised to say something more about Blake Mycoskie and TOMS Shoes. Contrary to what many people think, there is no Tom. Blake and TOMS are the same… Read More

SXSW – Digital Wonderland


  If a quick survey shows that the word ˝coffee˝appears on Twitter around 20% more times in Austin than in New York on a March morning, it can be the sign that the major… Read More

From Conflicts and Drama towards Storytelling


Aleksandra Dukovska Conflicts are inevitable part of our everyday life from the personal, work, national and international level. Creating a good environment to find different solutions for variety of conflict is challenging part… Read More

Stuck In The Middle


Aleksandra Dukovska Arizona Republic wrote on Broke Bishop, a 23-year-old Arizona State University graduate who grew up in the middle class family in Phoenix, but she had to take a nanny job in… Read More

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