Monthly Archive: May, 2011

No More Re-Enacted Photos From The White House


The White House decided to put an and on the practice of presidents re-enact TV addresses for the still photographers. What brought the White House to this decision? It is the practice that… Read More

When The Time Flys – It Is Dali’s 107th Birtday


Today I visited the Dali Museum at St.Petersburg Florida and enjoyed in the magnificent paintings of this Spanish artist. Most of the Dali’s paintings at the museum are from the private collection of… Read More

Misuse of digital media – Situation Room Picture


Ethics is always important in journalism. Especially today when we are surrounded with the different media and when every one can have access to the computer and change the reality. For the journalist… Read More

Interview: Jill Geisler – Poynter Institute: Manage emotion of change


Aleksandra Dukovska Jill Geisler is a former broadcast journalist engulfed as leadership and management group leader at Poynter Institute at St Petersburg, Florida. Geisler believes that leaders should be extraordinary in managing change… Read More

Fishing At Florida One Year After the BP Oil Spill


Photo and text: Aleksandra Dukovska Visitors, children, young couples and other tourist enjoyed in recreational fishing with shrimps this Saturday at the Pier in St. Petersburg, Florida. Will they eat some of the… Read More

Media experts question the decission not to publish Osama’s photos


By Aleksandra Dukovska – St. Petersburg, Florida Journalism professionals in the USA react on the President Barack Obama not to publish the photos of the death body of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.… Read More

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