Monthly Archive: August, 2011

Something new for me


Today, in the morning, during Professor Andrews Leckey presentation (from the Reynolds Chair Business Journalism), I had a great surprise when he said: “the Latino people save more money them American people, that’s… Read More

Corruption Is Everywhere, But…


Had a great meeting with Andrew Leckey and Linda Austin at Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Journalism. Regarding to our conversation about corruption both in journalism and economics as well, I would… Read More

Press Freedom Hits Namibia at last


I was so fed up with the Namibian Government’s ban on the NAMIBIAN NEWSPAPER, that I almost completely quit journalism. At least now I found new motivation to give it another try, when… Read More



I really enjoyed the presentations of today. I forgot to ask Evgeny. What made you guys change from Vodka to BEER? And do you make beer in your country? If not, we need… Read More

Free Rice – UN World Food Program Initiative


Free Rice! is a website, launched in October 2007 by John Breen. He donated the site to the UN World Food Program in March 2009, to grow the site and “help to… Read More

Oh how young we are here…


Listening to some of the presentations today reminded me of a few things that are different here in the United States. Sure, there aren’t any civil wars and we have the closest thing… Read More

The Impacts of Language on Thought


 Harvard University article In English, time is linear or spacial. You can fall behind schedule and look forward to dinner. In Mandarin they use these terms along with vertical terms to describe time.… Read More

I want my childhood back


Today I was talking to my nephews and niece in Pakistan on skype.The first thing they showed me was the feeders and toffees they bought.Then afterwards my youngest nephew who is just a… Read More



Glad to finally be a part of the Humphrey seminar, learning from you all and hopefully sharing something in return. All of today’s presentations were interesting and entertaining, but what struck me most… Read More

Irene and the Media Storm


Following Hurricane Irene coverage this weekend intrigued me, whether on Twitter, YouTube, TV or radio, because all I could see were conflicting reports of how big the storm was, what the impact would… Read More

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