Monthly Archive: September, 2011

Excellence in journalism 2011


  This week, me and 5 other Humphrey fellows attended Excellence in journalism 2011 conference in New Orleans, so I would like to share with you some of the highlights and useful links.… Read More

The 66th Annual National Conference on Citizenship, NCOC: Learned Lessons, Facts and Numbers


Taking the theme “Redefining America’s Social Compact”, the NCOC, took place in Phoenix for the first time out of Washington D.C on Sep., 22 – 23, 2011, delved into several important topics and mainly… Read More

Broadcast Production with Different Technology


I started my professional affiliation with channel 12 last week ,it was an exciting start;as it was my first start with an American Television Channel.It was a journey of astonishment as I started… Read More

Google will fund the solar system for 3,000 households in the U.S.


In another action to promote their green side, Google announced last night that will fund the installation of solar power generation in three thousand U.S. households.The Internet giant will close a partnership with… Read More

Future of Social Media in Pakistan


While I was attending the session on the power of Social Media in Excellence in Journalism,the conference for Journalists held this year in New Orleans,there were certain things started to click in my… Read More

how new stories unfold via new media


One of the most interesting results of the Digital Information Age, to me, is how stories can play themselves out with all the major players having their own public online voice. The following… Read More

New Facebook Timeline


After a series of unexpected, frustrating (or exciting, depending on who you ask) changes of the Facebook layout this week, Mark Zuckerberg revealed at the f/8 conference of a new Facebook feature called… Read More

Larry King live – a stand up comedy in Slovakia


This week I discovered interesting news, that Larry King was coming to Slovakia. Of course, for us, it is a big deal. One of the most famous hosts in history of CNN came… Read More

Online News Association Conference ‘2011


Today is the first day of the main session of the Online News Association Conference ‘2011. Everybody is interested in Twitter; their rooms are the most popular and don’t fit all attendees. Surprised… Read More

Leader as Role Model (?)


I don’t intend to weigh in too heavily on the whole “leadership vs. management” debate with this post. Just wanted to share one alternate interpretation of what it means to be a “leader”… Read More

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