Lost and found

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One week ago, I lost my wallet. After paying in a restaurant and walk few feet to where my rental car was parked, I found out my wallet was not with me. My first reaction was to go back to the restaurant and saw if it was there. I had no luck. Then, I reenact my short trip to the car looking carefully on the sidewalk. It was not there.

My hopes of finding it were gone with my credit cards, my driver’s license, my ASU ID and my insurance card. I called my banks in Costa Rica -and here- to cancel my cards. There was no chance to get them back,  I thought. It was time to get Arizona’s driver’s license and get new documents, again.

On monday, when I told the story to the Humphrey program manager at ASU, Kristi Kappes, she said that hopefully someone may have found my wallet and will return it. “I hope so, but I don’t think that will happen”, I told her.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Three days later, Kristi called me with good news. A woman named Megan found my wallet, saw my ASU ID and tracked me down until she got her called transferred to our newsroom.

Megan didn’t ask for anything in return. She was happy to help. I was happy, too. Megan showed me that we are surrounded of good people.