Monthly Archive: October, 2011

Global Leadership Pattern, blog follow-up


I’ll use my post-presentation blog post to respond to a few comments and questions from today’s seminar, and also provide some more visual explanation of my choice in leader profile. Elena asked me… Read More

Looking further into Queen Rania’s leadership


I really enjoyed today’s presentations on leaders and the qualities they possess. It’s nice to see how different people are motivated and inspired and the different paths there are to achieving success. I… Read More

Women as Leaders


Today I was filled with the memory of Former Late Prime Minister of Pakistan’Benazir Bhutto’while Nesima was giving the presentations on the leaders she had chosen. Out of the six leaders,Nesima talked about… Read More

7 revolutions


  Did you know that the estimated population of the world will be 9.3 billion in not more than 40 years? And that by then 70% of people will live in the urban… Read More

Pakistanis the biggest number in Humphrey Fellowship


I met my 15 other Pakistani Humphrey Fellows in GLF on Last Sunday,as I couldn’t meet them in Pakistan due to not attending the pre departure orientation.I was not very much happy to… Read More

The story of Occupy Phoenix (so far)


As promised last Monday, a little experiment in Storify, where I track Occupy Phoenix through its official coverage, citizen journalism, and social media: View “Phoenix, Occupied?” on Storify [Please forgive the short, lazy… Read More

Push for Renewed Tourism in Japan


  Since the series of natural (and nuclear) disasters hit Japan, the country’s tourism industry has been making a slow climb back to its former popularity. However, the country is still seeing a… Read More

Desensitization in China

by A 2 year old girl died in China after sustaining severe injuries. She was hit by two cars and, although there were numerous observers, no one came to help her. This was… Read More

Reza Aslan and the Myths of the Arab Spring


With Col. Moammer Gaddafi as the most recent dictator to fall victim to the Arab Spring movement, it was only perfect timing to have Reza Aslan, religion scholar, activist and best-selling author of… Read More

Arizona State Fair 2011


Today we had a Wednesday excursion to Arizona State Fair (Oct 14 – Nov 6). It was not so crowded thanks to mid-week; though, there still were hundreds of people. Attractions and authentic… Read More

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