To Be Elevated

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Lujain Elevator Pitch Word Cloud

Hi there, my name’s Lujain.

I’m from the Maldives, and currently on a US State Department Fulbright Fellowship at ASU’s journalism school.

Back home, I’m a national news anchor, a university lecturer on multimedia journalism, and also a Communications Director for an IT company.

I have also worked on creative and media related projects for the Maldivian government, the UN and other major organisations back home.

During my time here in the USA I won a video competition that was organised by Harvard University, which in itself was a dream come true for me. I submitted an animated piece on how the future of news would look like.

As part of my time in the US, I wish to gain relevant experiences in how communication tools are utilised to convey effective messages, whether it be in the media, or for it.

Such aspects that I want to explore include the formulation of communication strategies that would aid in branding and the spread of public awareness campaigns, amongst others.

Therefore, I think it would be ideal for me to work for an advertising and public relations agency that would allow me to explore how they deal with the creation and execution of communications related content.

I would love it, if you could just point me in the right direction on how to go about doing this, as you are someone who is well versed in this field.

Thanks and have a great day.

(*Ping* Door Opens)