Monthly Archive: February, 2012

The Secret Language of Leadership by Stephen Denning


For the book report portion of our seminar, I chose to read The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action through Narrative by Stephen Denning. As I stated briefly during class yesterday, one… Read More

Discover the Power of Your Mindset


Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, written by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., takes the notions of one’s mindset and twists it into the driving force behind success. As the book describes, this is… Read More

Beats, Bass, and Leadership


A few days ago I tweeted a New York Times story about a Silicon Valley investor who uses rap lyrics to teach basic lessons of business. His name is Ben Horowitz and his… Read More

Leadership Lessons…from a book or from a person?


I like reading about people who lead or who led in their life based around actions.  I think I enjoy those because it makes me feel good about humanity.  They go through hardship… Read More

Quotes that Lead


 ‘QUOTES THAT LEAD’  Listen to Learn~  “Man’s inability to communicate is a result of his failure to listen effectively.” Carl Rogers  Empathize their Emotions~ “Empathy creates a sense of openness and an acceptance… Read More

Should journalists be responsible for things they don’t know?


  The past week there has been a lot of talk about the ESPN editor that wrote a headline about Jeremy Lin that included the cliche”chink in the armor.” I sympathize with the editor Anthony… Read More

Leadership Lessons from Oscar Nominees


Since the Academy Awards were last night, I might as well related this week’s leadership post to an article I found about how four Oscar nominees can teach us a thing or two… Read More

Ethical Behavior in Lifestyle Journalism


As a PR-centric student at the Cronkite school, I know better than to offer a journalist any type of “gift” if there is an intention to bribe or gain favor. However, it made… Read More

Leadership lesson: Always be ready to go!


This morning I got up and got dressed just as I usually do – I caught the 7:41 Light Rail to downtown Phoenix and was the second person to arrive in class. As… Read More

How blogs make us leaders


I’d like to write and talk to all of you this week about a topic that I think about fairly often, particularly as I read my favorite blogs and then again when we… Read More

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