Monthly Archive: April, 2012

Semester in Review – Being a Quiet Leader


Throughout this semester in the Humphrey Fellowship I have learned about leadership in multiple contexts. From leadership styles, to servant leadership, to inspiring leaders it has been crazy to see how many actual… Read More

Graduation Program


The program from the Humphrey Graduation this past Wednesday is live on the Project Thrive site, but I wanted to share it with all of you as well! Here is a link to… Read More

More leadership advice


I sent out several emails to some of my role models in the broadcast industry, particularly in the Phoenix market, for our leadership styles analysis paper. Some are still getting back to me,… Read More

The semester in review through photos found on Annie’s iPhone


Wednesday marked the end of our journey. For the Fellows, this is the end of a 10-month long stay, and for the attachés, it marks the end of a wonderful semester with wonderful people.… Read More

Amy’s Leadership Style


Servant leadership has been the theme of this semester. Peter G. Northouse defines servant leadership in his book Leadership: Theory and Practice.  Hopefully, this quote can help everyone be the leaders they want… Read More

My leadership styles: an ongoing journey


During my time in the Humphrey Seminar, I learned about myriad leadership styles, some of which resonated with me, and others that did not. I found overall that most of the styles that… Read More

A Legacy of Leadership


NFL safety Brian Dawkins retired on Monday. If you don’t follow sports you may never have heard the name. He wasn’t flashy. He was never the face of a franchise. He didn’t have… Read More

Will France’s Mr Normale balance on austerity?


Aleksandra Dukovska Francois Hollande won Presidential election in France with 51,63% to Nikola Sarkozy who won 48,37% of French voters on run off that took place on May 6.  At the center of… Read More

My Leadership Style – Four Points of Focus


This semester, I have learned that leadership is everywhere. It is present in theoretical class discussions as well as real-life practical applications. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all… Read More

Leadership Lesson Found in the Serenity Prayer


Marianne Allison, former executive vice president and chief innovation officer at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, likened leadership in public relations to a daily testament to the serenity prayer.Her words and the serenity prayer concept,… Read More

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