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More leadership advice


I sent out several emails to some of my role models in the broadcast industry, particularly in the Phoenix market, for our leadership styles analysis paper. Some are still getting back to me,… Read More

My leadership styles: an ongoing journey


During my time in the Humphrey Seminar, I learned about myriad leadership styles, some of which resonated with me, and others that did not. I found overall that most of the styles that… Read More

Staying Motivated!


As we near the end of the semester and the end of our Legacy Project journey, I want share with you some thoughts on motivation and motivational leadership. So much of the last… Read More

Women as Leaders


Given that March is Women’s History Month, and based on recent blog posts on various leadership blogs, I thought it might be interesting this week to reflect upon the female leaders in our… Read More

The Secret Language of Leadership by Stephen Denning


For the book report portion of our seminar, I chose to read The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action through Narrative by Stephen Denning. As I stated briefly during class yesterday, one… Read More

How blogs make us leaders


I’d like to write and talk to all of you this week about a topic that I think about fairly often, particularly as I read my favorite blogs and then again when we… Read More

“Basic Principles of PowerPoint”


While reading The Secret Language of Leadership by Stephen Denning for our book report project, I came across a section on what Denning called the “basics” of PowerPoint. Given our recent emphasis in… Read More

Many Ways of Leading


I was particularly interested this week in what Stephen Buckley had to say about his own leadership styles. He was open about the way he leads, which I think is a true sign… Read More

Expatriates in the Global Workforce


While reading through this week’s section of Organizational Behavior, I was particularly intrigued by the excerpt regarding expatriates. The term has always conjured images of Hemingway and Fitzgerald for me, as I picture… Read More

Caroline Porter- Elevator Pitch


I am Caroline Porter and I am a multimedia reporter with a broadcast focus. I shoot, write, and edit my own stories using some of the latest equipment, including Final Cut Pro and… Read More

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