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Wikileaks Intern Tell-All


Self described: “After pursuing the members of WikiLeaks, I was asked to intern for them on the weekend of the unveiling of the Iraq War Logs in October. I found myself in a… Read More

TIME questioned for cover story of Sarah Palin


A cover story featuring Sarah Palin has been blasted because the interview was conducted over e-mail. Critics accuse that there is no way to ascertain that Palin herself actually answered the questions. In… Read More

Blue Ocean Strategy


W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne’s work, Blue Ocean Strategy, differentiates blue ocean strategy from red ocean strategy to argue the merit and superiority of the blue ocean strategy. Red oceans are defined… Read More

The Difference between Journalism and Intelligence


Aaron Brown’s comment that journalists are not interrogators was an interesting thought to me. The term “watch dog” seems so inherently aggressive and journalists are the “watch dogs” of society. To consider the… Read More

Professional Jealousy


Daria and I didn’t get to share what we realized when we talked about professional jealousy but I think, for me at least, it was very eye-opening. We split professional jealousy into 2… Read More

Rally for Sanity


From the reviews, the main target the Rally for Sanity went after was partisan media. Video clips of Glen Beck and extremist talking heads on both sides of the aisle was the main… Read More

Quotes from Another First Lady


Because Michelle Obama happens to be the wife and first lady to our group’s subject, it’s interesting to see what she says that will go down in history. Maybe she won’t be as… Read More

Barack Obama: A Multi-faceted Leader


By Melissa Silva, Javed Alfridi, Aleksandra Dukovska, Chinkhand Dorj We have divided Obama’s leadership into factors that influence his leadership style (the influences of those close to him and his formal schooling) and… Read More



This new type of networking has created so much buzz in my business classes. I was wondering how it could be applied to the media industry. I searched for the New Times and… Read More

Celebrity Journalism


What do you think of the constant news cycle updating stories on Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Brangelina and the like? Is there a similar demand for celebrity news in your countries?

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