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Leading Tribes


For my leadership book report, I read Tribes by Seth Godin. My favorite quote in the book which sums up the basic point of what Godin is trying to say is this: “The… Read More

Transmedia Storytelling


I really enjoyed Steve Rubel’s talk at this week’s Must See Monday speaker series on transmedia storytelling using social and digital media to create better content and keep stories alive. Steve Rubel is… Read More

Violence Against Journalists


In the Fall 2011 issue of American Journalism Review, the article titled “Out of the Shadows” stood out to me for its shocking coverage of sexual violence against journalists–women AND men. Being a… Read More

Paterno, Penn State and PR


Joe Paterno, the former football coach at Penn State, is enduring a huge barrage of media attention because of child sex scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant coach, that Paterno did not… Read More

Eritrea & Ethiopia’s Border Dispute


After our discussion about the complexity of the immigration issue in the United States and the border conflict with Mexico, I was curious to see how the discourse about the Eritrea-Ethiopia border dispute… Read More

Lessons on World Peace from Oscar Arias


On Tuesday evening at the Barrett Centennial Lecture, I finally got to hear the remarks from former Costa Rican president Oscar Arias on peace building for the coming generation. I was very intrigued… Read More

Looking further into Queen Rania’s leadership


I really enjoyed today’s presentations on leaders and the qualities they possess. It’s nice to see how different people are motivated and inspired and the different paths there are to achieving success. I… Read More

Reza Aslan and the Myths of the Arab Spring


With Col. Moammer Gaddafi as the most recent dictator to fall victim to the Arab Spring movement, it was only perfect timing to have Reza Aslan, religion scholar, activist and best-selling author of… Read More

Israeli/Palestinian Prisoner Swap


A historic trade is happening in the Middle East right now. Israeli sergeant Gilad Shalit will be exchanged for the release of 1,000 Palestinians. Shalit has been imprisoned by Hamas for five years when he was… Read More

Occupy Protests Expand Horizons


I wrote a previous post on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. Since then, the protests have spread across the country. I witnessed Occupy Tempe last weekend and this weekend, Occupy… Read More

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