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How to Build What is Next for News: How to launch your own news website


How to take the risk and begin your own news business? How to build what is next for news? This is one of the very controversial topics. What makes it very important topic… Read More

Reclaiming our Community’s Power


Reclaiming our Community’s Power Conference Oct. 5th, 2011 One of the great conferences I attended in October, 2011 is “ Reclaiming our Community’s Power” that organized by the Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition, Pafcoalition,… Read More

The 66th Annual National Conference on Citizenship, NCOC: Learned Lessons, Facts and Numbers


Taking the theme “Redefining America’s Social Compact”, the NCOC, took place in Phoenix for the first time out of Washington D.C on Sep., 22 – 23, 2011, delved into several important topics and mainly… Read More



  I love these quotes about happiness and it is my happiness to share… “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be… Read More

New Reading on Leadership: Leadership is NOT better than Management


New Reading on Leadership: Leadership in NOT better than Management     John Kotter, the scholar at Harvard Business School , wrote an interesting article  titled: “What Leadership Really Do”. He redefine the leadership… Read More

The Film That Widely Shown after the 9/11 … Kandahar ..


The Film that widely shown after the 9/11 .. Kandahar.. “the Sun behind the Moon.” This is one of my favorite films: “Kandahar”: or “A journey to Kandahar” or “the Sun behind the… Read More

Leadership Direction.. Quotes..


  One of the most interesting topics for me and, I think, for most of us is the Leadership. Impressed with my colleague Lejla’s last week blog on leadership, I would like to share… Read More

What are the Roots of Celebrating Birthdays?


\i Today, Monday, August 29th , 2011 is the Birthday of Taati, one of my Hubert Humphrey Fellows,CronkiteSchool. Taat’s birthday inspired me not to say to her : “Happy Birthday, Taati”, but, also,… Read More

AlQaeda Supporter in Libya are Free!


It sounds that not only the people of Libya have become free. The CNN has announced that prisoners in Libya have become free, too.  What makes it worse is that more than 600… Read More

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