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Case Study: Muhammad Drawing Controversy


I figured nobody wants me to just copy/paste our essay into the blog. [You can email me if you really want to read the essay; or, to save time, here is a helpful… Read More

Leadership lessons from Sun Tzu


The Art of War is a battlefield manual written by Chinese general Sun Tzu (孙子, also spelled “Sun Zi”) around 300 B.C. It is difficult to summarize, because it is essentially a book… Read More

Culture Tour: Hip Hop Dancing


This post is not in any way related to Journalism, “social media”, leadership or management. That being said, let Tye take you on a tour of American Culture: Not sure how many of… Read More

Looking at the border through the world’s eyes


After we got the seating order figured out, the joint Humphrey-Murrow session yesterday was really enlightening for me. It had never occurred to me how the immigration crisis in Arizona would be perceived… Read More

Global Leadership Pattern, blog follow-up


I’ll use my post-presentation blog post to respond to a few comments and questions from today’s seminar, and also provide some more visual explanation of my choice in leader profile. Elena asked me… Read More

The story of Occupy Phoenix (so far)


As promised last Monday, a little experiment in Storify, where I track Occupy Phoenix through its official coverage, citizen journalism, and social media: View “Phoenix, Occupied?” on Storify [Please forgive the short, lazy… Read More

How to go from protest movement to real social change?


An interesting thing to look at with the protest movements gaining steam worldwide is how they’re evolving and combining. Occupy Wall St. and the Spanish Indignant Movement (where students have been protesting since… Read More

Happy Columbus Day!


Like most countries, probably, America has many random holidays. One of them is tomorrow: Columbus Day. It’s “celebrated” on the 2nd Monday of October every year, meaning the date changes annually. (For example,… Read More

how new stories unfold via new media


One of the most interesting results of the Digital Information Age, to me, is how stories can play themselves out with all the major players having their own public online voice. The following… Read More

Leader as Role Model (?)


I don’t intend to weigh in too heavily on the whole “leadership vs. management” debate with this post. Just wanted to share one alternate interpretation of what it means to be a “leader”… Read More

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