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Graphic Knowledge: Elections as visuals


This week, our class was entangled with the Murrow Fellows instead of our Humphrey Fellows. People from different parts of Asia and even Australia engaged in conversation about covering elections in America, Phoenix… Read More

Objectivity, False Equivalencies and Climate Change


Let me set the scene for you. Experts contend that this is the pre-eminent subject of our time. At the core of it is the very survival of the human race. The evidence… Read More

Playing with a “boring” topic


“Climate change is boring”. Ask a journalist why does he leave aside such an important topic and most of them would tell you that in half a second, without further details. There are… Read More

Race Narratives


While reporters strive for objectivity, our work can never really reach that perfect non-biased view. It’s important to remember that journalists are also people in society, and are therefore susceptible to the influences… Read More

Race, Ferguson and America’s Future


It ain’t easy being black in America. A simple glance at the data will tell you why. Let’s start with education. According to the National Centre for Education Statistics, high school graduation rates for… Read More

Why is there still racism in the media?


I don’t know very much about race relations in America. I want that to be the first thing I say on the topic. It’s not that I don’t want to know, or that… Read More



 By: Lila Ojha, Reviewed by Sepeedeh Hashemian Michael Brown lost his life because of an alleged confrontation with a police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. According to my personal understanding, it has to be made clear whether this is a race… Read More

“It is all because of this man”


One year ago, during a journalism course at Boston University, I witnessed an ethical dispute over what it seemed to be an ordinary stock photo, representing a black girl biting a slice of… Read More

Colors As Visuals, Not Definitions


Problems only arise when people decide there are problems. That being said, race should never be considered a problem, yet that idea is not globally recognized in 2014. Unfortunately, some people decide that… Read More

Corporate Stewardship


Stewardship is the responsible planning and management of resources.  It’s not often that we think of large corporations in terms of stewardship, using resources wisely and making responsible choices.  It is more likely… Read More

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