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Disruptive Innovation: The Rise or Fall of Fashion?


Fashion thrives on constant change. If designers didn’t show new collections at fashion week to signal the start of each season, fashion probably wouldn’t exist because nothing would change. For this reason, disruptive… Read More

Michelle Obama on the Rise of ‘Citizen Diplomacy’


On her recent trip to China, First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama discussed the advantages of ‘citizen diplomacy’ throughout the world. Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser, made a statement to… Read More

Discovering America through the Prose of a Foreigner


In 1959, Italo Calvino, arguably Italy’s most important postwar novelist, received a grant from the Ford Foundation to travel throughout the United States. For six months, between 1959 and 1960, he travelled around… Read More

Literature and Leadership


Written by: Emily Fritcke Edited by: Javaria Tareen On February 26, 2014, Dr. James Stavridis, Dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, retired U.S. Navy Admiral, and former… Read More

WordCamp Phoenix: a learning community


by Ivana Braga Spending a weekend learning about blogging doesn’t look fun at first glance. But, if it is a WordCamp, definitely go for it. My first WordCamp Phoenix took place on January 17-19, in… Read More

Things that I learned in TechPHX


    By @ivabraga TechPHX is a mix of meeting, workshop, mingling, and sharing. It takes places annually in Phoenix by one group of engaged people, all of whom are volunteers. The main… Read More

Do Americans overshare?


This week I had to read a book for my Human Sexuality class called “Oversharing” by Ben Agger. It discussed social media and blogging in a critical light that removed me from the… Read More

Keep up with the Fellows (aside from this blog)


Dying to know more about the Cronkite Humphrey Fellows? Can’t stand to be without more information and constant updates as to what they’ve been up to? Luckily for you, the Fellows are on… Read More

Women as Leaders


Given that March is Women’s History Month, and based on recent blog posts on various leadership blogs, I thought it might be interesting this week to reflect upon the female leaders in our… Read More

Volunteering for them or for me?


A good question was brought up in today’s class. Do people volunteer to feel good or to really help other people? I agree with a comment made about American culture – it is… Read More

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