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Why is there still racism in the media?


I don’t know very much about race relations in America. I want that to be the first thing I say on the topic. It’s not that I don’t want to know, or that… Read More

Corporate Stewardship


Stewardship is the responsible planning and management of resources.  It’s not often that we think of large corporations in terms of stewardship, using resources wisely and making responsible choices.  It is more likely… Read More

Colbert Controversy


by: Sophia Mayberry edited by: Derya Kaya This week a controversy erupted on twitter. The cable psudo-news talk show The Colbert Report tweeted “I am willing to show #Asian community I care by… Read More

The Social State of the Union


When I started watching the State of the Union on Tuesday, I thought I was going to focus on the social media – what was happening on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  But my… Read More

The old and good journalism


by Ivana BragaUntil days ago, Bob Schieffer was a name that eventually a heard about, one of the famous American journalists with a familiar face on TV. From now, he is one of… Read More

More leadership advice


I sent out several emails to some of my role models in the broadcast industry, particularly in the Phoenix market, for our leadership styles analysis paper. Some are still getting back to me,… Read More

Women as Leaders


Given that March is Women’s History Month, and based on recent blog posts on various leadership blogs, I thought it might be interesting this week to reflect upon the female leaders in our… Read More

The story of Occupy Phoenix (so far)


As promised last Monday, a little experiment in Storify, where I track Occupy Phoenix through its official coverage, citizen journalism, and social media: View “Phoenix, Occupied?” on Storify [Please forgive the short, lazy… Read More


… that is the title of my first blog EVER in history published in the Croatian media, i.e. medium – my Croatian TV. Small step for mankind, but giant leap for my two… Read More

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