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Leadership lessons from the American Civil War


By Andrew Romanov The United States of American and the Confederate States of America—the American Civil War pitted the two against each other in a violent war of “North” against “South.” Each side was… Read More



When I read the definition of Diplomacy from the Oxford dictionary, the first thing that came to my mind was a Chameleon. I do not mean to be pejorative and I may be… Read More

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression


When we talk about freedom of speech here in the USA what comes to the mind of the public is the First Amendment. When thinking about what the First Amendment text means or… Read More

Stewardship- are we ready to protect those we lead?


Stewardship is an interesting word. My initial thoughts were that stewardship is just being in charge, but I didn’t really think about the stipulations of that role. The Merriam Webster definition of the… Read More

Destination: Me


Written by Shirin Ahmadpour Ever think you could get lost in the world but end up finding yourself? Didn’t make much sense to me either, until I realized how much I loved to… Read More

Discovering America through the Prose of a Foreigner


In 1959, Italo Calvino, arguably Italy’s most important postwar novelist, received a grant from the Ford Foundation to travel throughout the United States. For six months, between 1959 and 1960, he travelled around… Read More

Leading the way to faith


- A Young Life Leader Written by Shirin Ahmadpour Edited by Maja Cakarun High school can be a confusing time transitioning from childhood to the phase right before full grown adulthood. We use… Read More

On trips from Mission San Xavier del Bac to Arpaio


By Fernando Aguilar @fjaguilarr Edited by Sammi Davis Two weeks ago two Humphrey cohorts and a group of international teachers joined forces to go on a trip full of adventure and learning. The… Read More

My motivation is in helping others and learn


By Fernando Aguilar Edited by Sammi Davis I want to start this post by saying that one of the things I learned to pursue in life is putting myself in other people’s shoes.… Read More

10 Surprising Facts about Phoenix


You are likely to see more people in the middle of the desert on a hiking trail than downtown Phoenix on a Sunday afternoon. It is a place where you can’t see any… Read More

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