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Short Test for Person Who Wants to be Leader


Water is cold and dangerous By Evaldas Labanauskas Do you really want to be a leader? Have you asked yourself why do you want to be a leader? There are much more people… Read More

The ultimate goal is to create more leaders


Before coming into the Humphrey Seminar, I had already begun to conjure up, in my own mind, my own leadership style. This seminar reaffirmed my idea that I was heading in the right… Read More

My Leadership Vision Comes From Passion


  “You do not need permission from people to lead them or to serve them. It is just spontaneous option not a compulsion for everyone.” I realized from this quote is that great… Read More

What Jazz Has Taught Me About Leadership


Music, jazz in particular, provides an emotional anchor through which I engage the world. On any given day, at some point, I will listen to Miles Davis. The record I repeatedly go back to is… Read More

The Participative Leader: A Survival Kit


Even someone who never intended to be a leader has to make decisions. It might be one of the most difficult things to do, especially when those affected by these decisions are your… Read More

Reality dictates my leadership, shapes approach


Striking a presidential pose at the White House Souvenir gift shop in November 2014 My leadership style is pragmatic in approach and based on values: Merit, result-oriented and honesty. I believe a person… Read More

Hard Boiled Leadership


Hardly a complete picture, I have made an effort to distill some of the aspects of leadership that ring most true to me. Character Character is a multifaceted trait that should be considered… Read More

Lessons on Leadership


Throughout the semester, we have discussed what exactly defines leadership and what qualities a leader has. We looked at a variety of leaders throughout history and studied different leadership styles. Now that the… Read More

Your Fingerprints and the others’ Footprints in Leadership


The entire period of researching leadership for me was a great confusion: shall I follow the others’ footprints or leave my own fingerprints? I do not remember who built the Temple of Artemis,… Read More

Learning from a Servant Leader


When I think about Condoleezza Rice, I think about her as a dynamic leader.  She is a black woman, who grew up in the Birmingham, Alabama, and became the 66th Secretary of State… Read More

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