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Can failures be considered disruptive innovation?


Disruptive innovations displace accepted technologies and ideas, creating a new market. Some examples we discussed in class included Airbnb, phone cameras, and drones. But what about the brand new, entirely unique ideas that… Read More

American Sniper: Of Sheepdogs and Men


  By Tamara Kraus and Vlad Odobescu While in recent years Hollywood tried to extract the humans out of Batman or Spiderman, by breaking their bones and exposing their hidden family dramas, Clint… Read More

The Iron Lady: Thatcher’s Leadership Lessons


By: Windsor Smith, Tabu Butgira and Evaldas Labanauskas Reviewed by: Evaldas Labanauskas One of the greatest problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than… Read More

Michael Mann’s The Insider and What It Teaches Us About Leadership


Michael Mann’s 1999 film The Insider is, ostensibly, about journalism. But in truth it is a story about human beings, caught in extraordinary circumstances and how that comes to reveal their true characters. Based on… Read More

Dumb and Dumber To: Far from leaders but with notable qualities


By Armen Sargsyan, Krista Kull and Alexis Macklin After two decades of absence, the Farrelly brothers released a long awaited sequel to Dumb and Dumber. The famed comedy directors released Dumb and Dumber… Read More

A new dawn for the press in Iran?


Free press advocates in Iran got a boost after the election of a new president in 2013, the reformist-minded Hassan Rouhani. Following his inauguration, Rouhani has suggested that his administration will ease the… Read More

Press Freedom Vice Versa Sense of Responsibility


This blog is based on the chapter Would be Repressors Brandish “Ethics” as Justification by Jean-Paul Marthoz in a book “Attacks on the Press”, published by Committee to Protect Journalists in 2014.  During the history… Read More

Attacks On the Press: Mandela’s Legacy of Media Freedom Stands Its Ground


By: Windsor Smith Reviewed by: Priscilla Quiah “A critical, independent, and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy. The press must be free from state interference.”-Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was president of… Read More

Internet censorship closes threatened journalists final outlet for free speech


By Brooke Stobbe Reviewed by Lila Ojha Upon the inception of the internet and online expression, the free-flow of journalistic information was revolutionized: free and safe. However, this freedom has been compromised, even… Read More

Vietnamese bloggers living in fear


    By Lila Ojha Dhakal Reviewed by Tabu Butagira The rising number of bloggers in Vietnam has in recent years challenged the country’s Communist Party’s monopoly over the media. Using pseudo names,… Read More

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