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Teamwork: The best process for learning


By Lila Ojha Dhakal and Sepeedeh Hashemian Teamwork is a method of learning that builds an individual’s professional knowledge and skills but also allows them to grow personally. The size of the team… Read More

International Cooking Extravaganza


Written by Sholpan Zhaksybaeva and Elizabeth Blackburn Cooking by Sholpan Zhaksybaeva, Elizabeth Blackburn, and Vlad Odobescu We thought that the best way to show teamwork would be to put it into action. We can… Read More

Teamwork: Compromise is the Key to Success


Written by Meiti Prang and Tabu Butagira Like most students, both of us have busy schedules. Therefore, it can be difficult to find a convenient time to meet up and work together on… Read More

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Written By: Krista Kull and Amanda Ames Chances are at some point you’ve had to work with a team on a project. Given the right team we can accomplish much more in a… Read More

Aung San Suu Kyi: An Icon or a politician?


Aung San Suu Kyi is a product of incredible privilege. Her father Aung San, was a revered liberation leader who fought for his country’s independence. Meanwhile, Suu Kyi’s mother enjoyed a distinguished career as a… Read More

“Leadership on Opposite Sides of the Frontline”


 By: Elizabeth Blackburn With: Armen Sargsyan Andrew Romanov Evaldas La Being a leader does not always mean one does what is best for his or her people. Sometimes a leader is one who… Read More

Leading, MLK Style


Whenever Martin Luther King Jr. is mentioned in conversation, we can hear the phrase play in our head at some point. “I have a dream… that one day… this nation will RIIIIIIIIIISE up…… Read More



Few leaders have the distinction of being so influential as to have an ideology named after their political philosophy. Margaret Thatcher is one of them. Her politics touted free markets, minimalizing of government… Read More

Ferguson: racism, police brutality or release of steam?


The New Yorker By Evaldas Labananauskas Edited by Andrew Romanov For more than a month, Ferguson has been on the news in U.S. There are a lot of versions and interpretations of the… Read More

Racism is a Result of Being Uninformed


Race is a difficult topic for people to understand and talk about. I think that one of the reasons that racism occurs in today’s society is because people are unaware or uniformed of… Read More

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