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The Jayson Blair Affair


By Omar Mohammed, Amelia Goe, Amanda Ames and Lila Devi Ojha What do you do when you come into work one day and discover that one of your employees has perpetrated the biggest fraud… Read More

Pope takes sex abusers head-on as he fixes a ‘broken’ Vatican


By Tabu Butagira, Alexandra Scoville, Travis Moore & Priscilla Quiah 85 percent of Catholics in the US, by all accounts an unusually high number, approve of Pope Francis’s reformist leadership, according to the… Read More

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” – Anonymous


Is leadership a learn-able skill? Or is it some innate character trait that some are born with? Are children capable of adopting some of the personality and talents associated with a good leader?… Read More

The Philosophy of Leadership of Winnie the Pooh


By Elizabeth Blackburn, Andrew Romanov, Armen Sargsyan and Evaldas Labanauskas Winnie the Pooh—a sweet bear who conquered millions, and perhaps billions, of hearts all over the world. The legendary personage, created by Alan… Read More

Emperors, Kings, Presidents. Who represents the Romanian Roma?


The Roma population in Romania has an Emperor, two Kings, one President, a ton of issues to deal with, but no real political representation. Inside this permanently ostracized community of approximately 1.8 million… Read More

Inside an FBI section in Washington DC


Reviewed by Meiti Prang Photo by Tabu Butagira Is this a walking stick? No. A broken umbrella handle? No. A cane? Perhaps. What about a weapon that can discharge bullets? Quite unlikely, but… Read More

Berlin Wall: from kiss to kiss


This historical kiss of the leaders (Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic) kept the Berlin wall alive 28 years. Germany, as a country, was divided both ideologically and physically. The atmosphere of this… Read More

It let me look out of the box


My participation in the Global Leadership Forum from 1-7 Nov was a great experience and fantastic exposure. The forum enabled me to exchange my ideas with other fellows from 98 countries. The gathering… Read More

Lessons from the Campaign Trail


Last month, I had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a politician campaigning for an upcoming election. My uncle ran for Los Angeles County Assessor in the midterm election, so… Read More

Meet a new Humphrey Fellow – The Polar Bear


  Written by Krista Kull, edited by Amanda Ames. Humphrey Fellows from all over the US came together to meet and greet each other and add some professional and personal touches to their… Read More

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