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A trip to US-Mexico borderlands in Nogales: when commitment & trust meet up


If they are some things I really got and took away through our excursion to the border I will no doubt mention: Engagement, trust, Commitment, loyalty and will of steel. Our first stop… Read More

What a desert can teach a Humphrey Fellow?


What a desert can teach you? This riveting question was coined by Steven Kapoloma, Humphrey Fellow from Malawi, and after I lived thirteen months in USA, nine of them in Phoenix, I feel… Read More

Humphrey Fellows launch Raindrops, Ripples and Reflections Legacy Project


Each year fellows have as final endeavour envisioning a legacy project. Something that expresses their journey and contributes  to future fellows. Raindrops, Ripples and Reflections are the inspiration for Humphrey Fellow’s Legacy Project… Read More

Daughter of East/Bhutto


”Daughter of Destiny,” which is titled ”Daughter of the East” in its British and Pakistani editions. It is a polemic justifying her father’s life and her own career, as well as a fierce,… Read More

Stewardship and leadership


Let’s begin talking about a Steward. According to the Oxford dictionary, the term refers to “A person who looks after the passengers on a ship, aircraft, or train and brings them meals.” I… Read More



You are a 27-year old Pakistani woman. You have a career in journalism, you drive your own car. You are still dependent on your family when it comes to cooking food, laundry and… Read More



Hina Ali (Twitter: @uzaam) I first heard about Mr. Mandela when I was a little kid. My parents used to talk about him and they always showed so much reverence for the man.… Read More

Lean In


It was actually this Take The Lead Launch event at ASU back on February 19, 2014 where Sandberg was the headline speaker, which prompted me to read Lean In. In her keynote presentation, Sandberg… Read More

What light is you


‘Quiet The power of introversion in a world that can’t stop talking,’ the first thing that attracted me about the book is its name, there is not many books that address the world… Read More

Leadership is an art


“The art of leadership is about liberating people to do what is required of them in the most effective and humane way possible”. This is how Max De Pree explains what is  leadership… Read More

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