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My Leadership Style


After interviewing Dr. Marianne Barrett, my thesis director and Cronkite’s Associate Dean, and Jill Johnson, Barrett, The Honor’s College’s Downtown Phoenix Senior Advisor, as well as reviewed other media, I’ve pin pointed four… Read More

Book Reviews Upon Book Reviews


Like to read? I think we all do, so it’s funny I never thought to introduce these sites before! Many of you have heard of Gangplank out of Chandler and all the great… Read More

Build Connections with the Top Dogs Via Social Media


Alright… so we all want to be leaders, yes. But most of us also do a lot of following, and many of us will usually do the following in the coming years as… Read More

Guy Kawasaki’s New Book on Gaining Hearts


Mashable (one of my all time favorite blogs/sites to follow) published a great video segment with Guy Kawasaki today on their Behind the Brand channel. In this case, Mashable is going Behind the… Read More

Vibrant Phoenix Workshop: Brainstorm Central


This morning I had the opportunity to attend an event by Vibrant Phoenix in Chandler. The MC was Derek Neighbors, a blogger I (ironically) started following on my Google Reader about eight months… Read More

Discover the Power of Your Mindset


Mindset, The New Psychology of Success, written by Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D., takes the notions of one’s mindset and twists it into the driving force behind success. As the book describes, this is… Read More

Habits of Happiness :: TED Talk by Matthieu Ricard


If you’ve never watched a TED talk, I’d encourage you to not go another day without the experience – watch this one. (If the embed video does not show up here, please click… Read More

7 No-Nos for Leaders


I follow a great blog called, Start Up Professionals.com. The content focuses on start up businesses and the entrepreneurs behind the magic. A couple days ago, one of the contributing authors, Marty Zwilling,… Read More

Inspired by Leadership


Listening to Stephen Buckley on Monday, no doubt, was a treat for all of us. Even though I’m not planning to work in news after graduation, his thoughts on leadership were truly inspiring… Read More

Hats Off to the Humble-Minded, International Business Men and Women


Creating an international business venture, as outlined in not only our reading but also by Lejla Kapertanovic’s presentation, is a job for the strong minded, long-term thinking and powerfully agile leader. On the… Read More

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