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Finding the courage to cover sexual violence


Blog is based on chapter Finding the Courage to Cover Sexual Violence by Frank Smyth in a book “Attacks on the Press 2014 edition”. Reviewed by Alexis Macklin. Covering sexual assault including rape… Read More

Leadership lessons from the American Civil War


By Andrew Romanov The United States of American and the Confederate States of America—the American Civil War pitted the two against each other in a violent war of “North” against “South.” Each side was… Read More

Berlin Wall: from kiss to kiss


This historical kiss of the leaders (Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic) kept the Berlin wall alive 28 years. Germany, as a country, was divided both ideologically and physically. The atmosphere of this… Read More

Defining Leadership


Andrew Romanov is a student at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication earning both his bachelors and masters degrees concurrently. He hopes to work in the communications field internationally, and… Read More

WordCamp Phoenix: a learning community


by Ivana Braga Spending a weekend learning about blogging doesn’t look fun at first glance. But, if it is a WordCamp, definitely go for it. My first WordCamp Phoenix took place on January 17-19, in… Read More

10 Keywords in social mobilization to blow your cause


by Ivana Braga Social mobilization is: “a process that engages and motivates a wide range of partners and allies at national and local levels to raise awareness of and demand for a particular… Read More

My leadership, my journey


By Ivana Braga   “It is a shame that so many leaders spend their time pondering their rights as leaders instead of their awesome responsibilities as leaders.” — James C. Hunter, The Servant I used… Read More

Things that I learned in TechPHX


    By @ivabraga TechPHX is a mix of meeting, workshop, mingling, and sharing. It takes places annually in Phoenix by one group of engaged people, all of whom are volunteers. The main… Read More

Insights about teamwork


By Ivana Braga Teamwork is a complex concept and practice. I have some insights from my experience. However, in advance, I will tell you I don’t have all the answers to make teams… Read More

Why Can’t Foreign Policy Matter?


The common rhetoric surrounding the third Presidential debate last week was that it was, of the three total, the most unimportant to voters – they are much more interested in the economy’s recovery… Read More

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