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No regrets


There is some workaholism in my past and I’m not ashamed of it. I started my first job as a reporter nine years ago, and for several months I didn’t take a single… Read More

Tainting the news: Moneymaking vs. Newsmaking


It’s no secret advertising is essential for the survival of newspapers. It provides the financial backbone when circulation doesn’t bring in money. But many times the real story is toned down or cut… Read More

The new journalists


In key moments, a pen, a camera and a phone helped reshaping the world. Some scenes in Selma talk about the rising power of media in the 60’s. While the protesters start their… Read More

Fear and Race


It is my belief that racism comes from fear. Fear of the unknown and unfamiliar, which translates into the fear of the people who may look, talk, or act differently than oneself. These… Read More

Stewardship in Media


By Sammi Davis Edited by Fernando Aguilar I’m not going to lie, I had to look up what stewardship meant. But, in doing so, I found a definition and article that helped inspire… Read More

The Social State of the Union


When I started watching the State of the Union on Tuesday, I thought I was going to focus on the social media – what was happening on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  But my… Read More

Learning from Experience: Democracy and Media


This week, I had the privilege to listen Bob Schieffer sharing his experiences on multiple occasions. Having years of experience in broadcast journalism, Schieffer witnessed many important turning points in American history. Schieffer… Read More

Emily Timm’s Elevator Pitch


Hello, it’s so great to run into you. My name is Emily Timm. I have a range of experience in media and public relations and I think we have a lot to offer… Read More

Transmedia Storytelling


I really enjoyed Steve Rubel’s talk at this week’s Must See Monday speaker series on transmedia storytelling using social and digital media to create better content and keep stories alive. Steve Rubel is… Read More

On Convergence


On the 1st of October we visited Channel 12, Azcentral.com and Arizona Republic. These three media institutions have been in a convergence process. It was a highly informative visit for all of us. Before the… Read More

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