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Emily Nichols, CEO


Not to toot my own horn (but, to do exactly that) I’ve been told I have CEO qualities. Until now, I’ve always been flattered, but never understood what this meant. Now I think… Read More

To Dream or not to Dream: That is the Question


Who is capable of changing the world? Is it politicians, businessmen, individuals, artists, journalists? My answer to that question is people. I believe in the power of organized and active citizens. The ones… Read More

Ethical Behavior in Lifestyle Journalism


As a PR-centric student at the Cronkite school, I know better than to offer a journalist any type of “gift” if there is an intention to bribe or gain favor. However, it made… Read More

Jessica Von Schell


  Hi (insert name) – I’m Jessica Von Schell, a recent graduate from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism andMass Communication at Arizona State University, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  My background… Read More

Emily Timm’s Elevator Pitch


Hello, it’s so great to run into you. My name is Emily Timm. I have a range of experience in media and public relations and I think we have a lot to offer… Read More

Transmedia Storytelling


I really enjoyed Steve Rubel’s talk at this week’s Must See Monday speaker series on transmedia storytelling using social and digital media to create better content and keep stories alive. Steve Rubel is… Read More

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