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Disruptive Innovation: The Rise or Fall of Fashion?


Fashion thrives on constant change. If designers didn’t show new collections at fashion week to signal the start of each season, fashion probably wouldn’t exist because nothing would change. For this reason, disruptive… Read More

Berlin Wall: from kiss to kiss


This historical kiss of the leaders (Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic) kept the Berlin wall alive 28 years. Germany, as a country, was divided both ideologically and physically. The atmosphere of this… Read More

Sleepless but Social in Seattle


Last year, I was at a march with my colleagues at Women for Women’s Human Rights-New Ways and many other women activists in my hometown -Istanbul, Turkey- on the International Women’s Day. This… Read More

WordCamp Phoenix: a learning community


by Ivana Braga Spending a weekend learning about blogging doesn’t look fun at first glance. But, if it is a WordCamp, definitely go for it. My first WordCamp Phoenix took place on January 17-19, in… Read More

The Social State of the Union


When I started watching the State of the Union on Tuesday, I thought I was going to focus on the social media – what was happening on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  But my… Read More

Things that I learned in TechPHX


    By @ivabraga TechPHX is a mix of meeting, workshop, mingling, and sharing. It takes places annually in Phoenix by one group of engaged people, all of whom are volunteers. The main… Read More

Learning from Experience: Democracy and Media


This week, I had the privilege to listen Bob Schieffer sharing his experiences on multiple occasions. Having years of experience in broadcast journalism, Schieffer witnessed many important turning points in American history. Schieffer… Read More

Do Americans overshare?


This week I had to read a book for my Human Sexuality class called “Oversharing” by Ben Agger. It discussed social media and blogging in a critical light that removed me from the… Read More

The Facebook Conundrum: An Ethics Case Study


Before Facebook and Twitter had fully gathered steam and the ethics regarding social media weren’t clear, one local news organization in New Haven, Connecticut, faced a difficult challenge in assessing what information was… Read More

Build Connections with the Top Dogs Via Social Media


Alright… so we all want to be leaders, yes. But most of us also do a lot of following, and many of us will usually do the following in the coming years as… Read More

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